About Us

Worth A Million was founded by Rea Hadžiabdić in London in late 2019 and launched online with accessories in January 2020. Rea has over 15 years of experience within the fashion industry, growing small online businesses for fast fashion and accessories brands into multi million-pound online businesses.
Rea Hadziabdic Founder of Worth A Million  
Having worked in such a fast-paced environment, this allowed Rea to be involved in almost every aspect of the businesses; from buying and selecting stock, PR, events, TV advertising and working closely with celebrities and influencers to directing photo shoots. Rea not only has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product, but a key eye and an entrepreneurial approach when it comes to online growth and digital marketing.
Rea resigned from a high-profile role in January 2019, deciding to take a career break and reignite her passion. Having always felt that there is a gap, especially now, between fast fashion brands dominating the market and high-end High Street brands, Rea knew she was in the best place experience wise and the timing was right.
After one phone call in late November 2019 with a highly regarded mentor and friend, everything clicked, and a week later Rea had employed a design consultant and Worth A Million’s first clothing collection was underway. Due to the outbreak of COVID, Rea had to adjust quickly, and the learning curve was steep, requiring Rea to be the fit model and subsequently ended up modelling the entire range herself!

 So what is Worth A Million?

Worth A Million is about bridging the gap between fast fashion brands and high-end High-Street brands. It is about creating a capsule and timeless wardrobe that is versatile and can be updated with the twist of an accessory, handbag, jacket or standout shoes.
Worth A Million is aspirational, sexy and always attainable.
Our clothes are designed in top quality fabrics and finishes for longevity and sustainability, but we do not charge the earth for it! Our classic silhouettes are complimented with our signature gold zip detailing placement for extra allure and to enhance your curves.
We want everyone to feel sexy, confident and Worth A Million whenever they wear any of our products.

Always Aspirational.

Always Attainable.

Always Worth A Million. 

Worth A Million - About Us
Company Information
Worth A Million Ltd
Company No: 12365767
VAT No: GB343311635
Registered Address: 13-17 Margett Street, Cottenham, Cambridge, CB24 8QY